Ingram Hill Oak, part 1

This is one of my favorite trees. I call it the “Ingram Hill Oak” because it grows in Ingram Hill cemetery, which is on Ingram Hill, where Ingram Hill Missionary Baptist Church was until early last year. The church was founded in 1886, closed in 2009 because of the vandalism and was torn down early last year. Such a shame!

The oak had been stuck by lightning before I discovered it. Then almost 10 years ago, we had a lightning strike at our house during a strong storm, and the oak was struck too. Upper parts of it don’t look healthy; there’s 2 slits in the bark, one much longer than the other.

I recently did my version of measuring the tree. A person’s “wingspan” equals their height. I’m 5’6″. I found a starting point, measured at arm height and “walked” my arms around to measure approxomately a 13-foot circumference. Next I found the widest diameter of the crown and stepped it off in yards: 37 yards equals an 111-feet crown spread. The tree’s height threw me. I ended up measuring height porportion  to the width in a picture I’d taken. The height was roughtly 2/3 of width, which equals plus/minus 74 feet.

My next challenge was figuring out what kind of oak it is. I’m a tad challenged at identifying trees, especially ones with compound leaves. The leaves are bristle-tipped and deeply lobed. There were no acorns around. That’s as far as I got in the keys for identifying the tree. I don’t need to know which kind it is, though, to enjoy it.

… And I enjoy it a lot. Buffy and I come here often to walk a loop around the cemetery. It’s less than 3 miles from our house. I crave this view that reaches 4-5 miles across the flats to the “mountains.”

View from Ingram Hill


4 responses to this post.

  1. That’s a once in a lifetime thing to see for me…
    😮 😮


  2. Posted by Therese on March 30, 2012 at 8:23 am

    What a beautiful photot of the oak! AND—what a view!!!!


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