How Will My Gutter Grow?

How will my gutter grow?

It was hard to miss the wings of maple seeds standing upright in the mesh gutter guard.

Winged maple seed designed to heliocopter down

Maple seeds helicopter down from the tree in our front yard, and are scattered in the gutters of my house. The actual seed adds weight, and this is a design element so the seed will stand upright when it lands in something like grass. Standing upright increases the chance of it growing successfully. The seeds in the pictures wouldn’t reach the bottom of the gutter and have no chance of growing.

It keeps me chuckling at how the gutters would look if the seeds did sprout, and the front and back of my house was “fringed” with green baby trees.

This reminded me of a 1980 blazer I had with standard transmission and 4-wheel drive. I drove it for over 20 years. (I did drive a car during the blazer’s later years.) Without  it and the 4-wheel drive I wouldn’t have gotten to my rural property in deep snow or overly wet weather. The blazer developed a lot of character over the years. It developed better ventilation from small rusted-through areas in the floor. Water seeped in around the backseat sliding windows.

Imagine my surprise when a plant started growing in the floor board of the backseat. It grew to 4 inches tall and then died from lack of water. It died before it grew enough for me to identify it. My husband didn’t see the humor in the situation. Me, I was very proud!!

I still miss that old blazer. We went “through” a lot over the years!


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  1. Posted by Therese on April 19, 2012 at 6:35 pm

    The title sure captured my attention! Love the vehicle story too. What a wonderful sense of humor. You get joy from simple things—great characteristic!!! Or is it that it doesn’t take much to make you happy?


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