Catalpa Tree

There are catalpa trees,

And then there are CATALPA trees.

The first picture shows the catalpa in my backyard. The second one grows in a vacant lot 2 miles south of here. Part of its shape resulted from being trimmed because of a power line above it. It’s obviously a lot older than mine too.

Insects pollinate trees with showy flowers, where wind pollinates trees with nondescript flowers. The flowers are short-lived on my catalpa, and many buds still remain. The flowers also give of a sweet scent to attract insects.

These next pictures show the internal structure and reproductive parts of the flowers. Two stamens with the pollen grow out to the upper edge of the flower’s corolla, and the 3 pistils (female parts) are at the base of the flower.

Two stamens at opening of the flower

Female parts at base of flower

Catalpa sphinx moths lay their eggs on catalpa trees. Summer before last there were so many catalpa worms that they ate almost all of the leaves off the tree. The tree recovered nicely, and the number of caterpillars returned to more normal.

Catalpa worms are a favorite of fishemen … and my grandkids.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Oh my goodness! Those flowers are BEAUTIFUL!! It also takes a good camera to get that close and be focused! (which I know you do have a good camera 🙂 )


    • I sure couldn’t get this quality pictures with my old camera. I’m sure your Mom will be as excited about her new one when she gets it as I am with mine.


  2. Unbelievable! Absolutely stunning shots! I have never seen a catalpa flower up close. They are beautiful. Very educational too.


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