Ice Age Fossils

Aaron, my grandson, just finished a blog of the rocks he found in the river gravel I have in my gardens. It reminded me of 3 items I found a few years ago. My mother, my best friend and I were at Shawneetown, climbing around on a large pile of river gravel dredged from the Ohio River. The place sold the rock. We’d rock hunt, then picnic at the river and finish the trip off with hunting for driftwood. This one particular trip I found an arrowhead, a partially fossilized bone and a piece of mammoth tooth.

That’s how you know you’re having a good day!

The arrowhead is almost 3 inches long

The bone is 3 inches long. The few people that have seen it says it’s human. I have no idea.

I knew this had to be a piece of mammoth tooth.  It may only be 1 1/4 inch long, but it’s a” big thing” for me.

 Last summer I took the river gravel up from beside my moon garden and put new landscaping cloth down. I found this arrowhead in the process. It’s made from fine sandstone, instead of flint. I think it might have been one made by a young person that was learning to make arrowheads. It’s 2 1/2 inches long.

Several years ago, my oldest son took me up the Ohio River, north of Shawneetown, to the mouth of the Wabash River. The river level was overly low, and this made for sandbar after sandbar. Keith hunted for ice age fossils. I’d get sidetracked with rocks and not cover anywhere near as much territory as he did.

I found the bone on the right. He found the rest. The middle bone and the jaw are from bison. He even found the lower jaw of a young beaver … with the teeth still in it. He has the knack!

There has to be a gene that compels a person to collect rocks. My Mother has it. I have it. Keith has it, and now my grandson Aaron has it too.

It’s a fun thing to have!


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  1. Posted by Therese on July 14, 2012 at 4:56 pm

    You should have warned me!!!Ouch…my jaw hurts!!!


  2. Terrific treasures. I’ve never found an arrowhead. I sometimes feel there’s nothing more natural & satisfying than bending over and gripping a palm-sized concretization of earth in the palm of our hands. I think the impulse to pick up rocks runs deep inside of us.


    • I agree. For some reason, your comment made me think of a time Buffy and I camped at my property, sleeping on the ground, rain flap off the tent, a full moon high and a family of barred owls hooting around camp. We just sat, side by side, listening.


  3. Ain’t that the truth that Aaron and Kieth have it! 😀


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