A Walk on the COOL Side

I don’t know about you all, but I’m ready for reprieve from the HOT weather  this summer.

So, join me on a walk back through winters past. (I have an endless fascination with ice.)

Through the woods. Along the creeks.


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  1. Posted by Therese on July 25, 2012 at 7:49 pm

    Well, I don’t know about anybody else but I’m cool as can be!! Love your title…really grabbed my attention. The pictures are again … unbelievable! How beautiful! Thanks for posting. I really enjoyed it.


  2. Cool! Awesome! Fascinating! Woo hoo! Picture number 12 looks like an angel type thing 🙂


  3. These pictures are fantastic and so refreshing! I’d usually like to pick out one or two specifically, but there are is such a cool variety of design & geometry in all of these. Maybe I like the ice-covered plants the best. Or maybe the air bubble circles beneath the ice surface…


    • I can relate. I spend hours lost inside myself, going from one ice/water wonder to the next. One time (a long time ago) I sat on a rock. I had on camo insulated coveralls and jacket. I watched the water flowing under the ice long enough to figure out the ice pattern formed. Then I realized I’d scooted back and part of my behind was in the water. I hadn’t even noticed. Needless to say, I got cold real fast.


  4. I have a fascination for ice too, but I have nothing in shots compared to yours. What an eye you have and what awesome work! Beautiful!!


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