“Pause, and Look Up”

Walking along a rocky dry creekbed  this morning, meant watching where I walked.

Then I had a thought, “Pause, and look up.”

From then on I paused often to enjoy the overhead view.

A tufted titmouse, Carolina wren, blue jay, white-breasted nuthatch, downy woodpecker, Carolina chickadee, common flicker, red bellied woodpecker and yellow-throated vireo all added their calls to the morning.

I couldn’t believe this small Christmas fern survived last winter, growing in a small depression of this large rock in the creek. Then today, I couldn’t believe it survived the severe drought this summer. It must have some secret I don’t know about.

5 responses to this post.

  1. “Pause and look up”–sounds like advice I should heed whenever I am out shooting. I really like your shots of the tree canopy.


    • Thanks. I usually don’t think to look up. I do think to look behind me for a different perspective. Once years and years ago I stood near a dense patch of yellow flowers on the edge of the woods. For some reason, I stooped down and the whole patch turned into a dense yellow band. A goldfinch landed on a bare branch right above the flowers. After that I changed my vantage point at times. Now I plan to look up more!


  2. “Pause and look up” is good advice!! I’ll try to remember 😀


  3. Posted by Therese on September 24, 2012 at 12:27 pm

    Ooooo Weeee!!!


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