Caterpillar Update

My first blog followed this red-spotted purple butterfly caterpillar from when I found it on September 10 until September 18. (The blog’s title is “A VERY Interesting Caterpillar,” posted in September.)

Please excuse the quality of some of the pictures. It’s been windy every day but one, and the caterpillar is small.

Notice the difference of the leaf shape over these days from 9-20 through 9-26.

 The caterpillar’s preparing to form its hibernaculum, where it will spend the winter.

The dangling ball of dried leaf parts is a moving distraction for predators.

The light saddle-shaped patch will add to the caterpillar looking like a bird dropping as it gets bigger.

Then, then I went out yesterday morning, Sept. 27. The midvein had broken, and I couldn’t find the caterpillar on the leaf or stalk.

I do so like these caterpillars!

Then ….

A small dark spot gets my attention nearly 20 inches away …

… and there’s the caterpillar. It had already started again to make its hibernaculum.

Here’s an adult red-spotted purple butterfly.

To be continued tomorrow in blog titled “Caterpillar Diary — September 27.”

The last one will be posted Sunday, and it’s titled “Caterpillar Diary — September 28.”


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Therese on October 5, 2012 at 8:37 am

    Only you! Only you could find that little “spot” that disappeared! The adult butterfly is amazing! Thanks for the post.


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