My Rock

One of my two writing mentors, way back when, was intrigued that I had a rock. He was referring to a rock seat on my rural property. Harlan had never known anyone who’d had such a thing. I own 33 acres down in the hills, 7 miles south of our house. Shawnee National Forest land borders it on the south.

My rock is at the top of a 20-25 foot bluff. My seat is on the edge toward the camera. Part of it is covered with dried leaves. The height of the rock and a flat slight depression creates a perfect seat. The vantage point offers a broad view of the ravine and the wet-weather creek running through it.

The angle of the 9:30 sun this morning created a patchwork of fall colors.

This shows the view to the south. There’s a short overhang on the right that doesn’t show in this picture. I’ve sat under it to get out of the rain. I’ve  sat under it and watched snow falling, listening to a creek that hadn’t frozen yet.

  An unobstructed view of the ravine and creek will open up after the leaves fall. This is the view to the north and east.

Buffy enjoyed the view too.

We walked on down the hill so I could take a picture of the bluff.

Almost every hike includes a sit on my rock.  It’s been a place of comfort, a place to sit and enjoy the views differing throughout the year.

… one of the best was at night, with no leaves on the trees, a full moon rising and silhoueting the trees, water running in the creek, and geese honking as they flew over.


7 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Therese on October 28, 2012 at 10:41 am

    I knew it would be a good one. Photos are amazing! Buffy looks very happy! What a place!


  2. Nothing better than a sitting rock with a great view..:-)


  3. It looks like a good place to see deer as well.


    • It’s a great place to see deer and other occasional wildlife, birds. I used to hike and camp alone for years and saw some of the most fascinating things. Don’t camp now. Couldn’t keep snakes and mice out of camper. Went to tent camping and then ticks became a problem with Buffy along.


    • Not sure if reply went through. It’s a great place to see a lot of wildlife, watch the changing seasons. To be alone. (which includes Buffy — no humans).


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