No Wonder …

No wonder goldenrods are so prolific. Look at all those seeds!

An inch-and-a-half inflorescence had 21 seedheads. The one above is longer than the one I dissected. Each seedhead had 15 or so seeds! The beige seeds were tinier than tiny. The word miniscule came to mind.

This picture shows the stalks of 2 goldenrod plants. I can’t even imagine how many seeds would be on these 2 plants. Wind will disperse them.


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  1. Posted by Therese on November 2, 2012 at 10:38 am

    Dear Teacher of Nature,
    You are a wonder.
    Loved the photos.
    Ahhhh choo!!!


  2. So after they are yellow this is what they go to to spread the species? Pretty cool..:-)


    • It sure is. I leave places in our yard to grow naturally. It attracts a lot of birds, insects, etc. My husband calls it a “weed patch.” I call it my “summer wildflower garden.”


  3. I like your summer wildflower garden! You always find interesting stuff there. 🙂 Great pictures!!


    • Thanks. The garden needs a little taming now. My sons and I are going to do a winter burn and cut the too many trees. It’s always been a great place for flowers and insects.


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