A Lazy Hike

Three days of warm weather to be followed by hard freeze temperatures … I didn’t stay home. Buffy and I went for a lazy hike at my rural property.

Obviously, the creek hadn’t seen any rain for a long time.

This was the start of a rocky area on the west side of the ravine. The south end (in above picture) is on Forest Service. The short bluff/rocky area continues north to the bluff on my property.

Mud daubers commonly build their nests in back under areas that are mostly out of the rain.

Eastern phoebes (a flycatcher)  build their nests from mud, mosses and other fine plant material.

They return in late winter and build their nests on ledges protected from the weather. Under bridges is commonly used too.

What a nice cozy place for a squirrel to dine on acorns.

The view to the southeast sure has changed.

We continued on to the north. The short bluff on my property is just on the other side of the overhang at the far end in the picture.

An ebony spleenwort fern looked all tucked in the crevice.

This “cave” is behind the overhang.

A pair of turkey vultures successfully nested in there several years ago.  The nesting was successsful, so I don’t understand why the cave’s not been used again.

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  1. Gee, you are so lucky to have such wonderful and scenic property. Such interesting things to see. It looks like a great place to walk and explore. Beautiful.

    I have property in the country but it sure is unappealing. Cedar trees and mesquite trees have invaded mine. Another property has nice post oak trees but it is so thick one can not walk through.

    I loved seeing those phoebe nests and where the vultures nested. Sometimes we get the pewee and the phoebe in the winter. I used to be able to tell which one was who by listing to the call. Not sure if I can do that now- been away from active birding for a long time.


    • Glad you enjoyed the blog. I’m having problems with woody growth in the ravine from the maples being cut. My land is in a registered Land and Water Reserve. The state us going to open the ravine back up this winter. Pewees and phoebes both nest here. They’re easy to tell apart by their call. Each says their name.


  2. Posted by Therese on November 18, 2012 at 11:13 am

    Great pictures, Kathy!!! I hike vicariously through your photos.


  3. Looks like a very nice hike! I enjoyed tagging along through your pics 😀


  4. Cool hike, I just finished a nice 4 hour hike through the Columbus zoo..I’m off to get some fries..:-)))


  5. Saw your orbs in the last photo. Interesting!


    • I could see them when taking the pictures. I have several more pictures. These were the first ones I ever saw. The hanging leaf and spider web show more in some of the pics I didn’t post. They show the spider web definitely in front of the orb.


  6. It’s amazing how much your landscape resembles New Hampshire, If i fell asleep and woke up there, I don’t think I’d know if I was here or there.


    • Who would have thought our landscapes would be so similar. I’ve only been to the north east to visit my daughter in Boston… as you can imagine, I’m not a city person.


  7. Such a lovely hike!


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