New Hobby

I have a new and exciting hobby … taking orb pictures.

IMG_2394 crop alt

My first experience with orbs was in this picture that I used in my “Lazy Hike” blog. I saw the orbs while taking several pictures. These were the first I’d ever seen. Both orbs moved around slightly while I photographed them. If you look close, you can see that the left orb is behind strands of the spider web. The sun was behind me too, so there couldn’t be any glare involved from it.

A blog site “Orbs Delight” found my blog site, and then I found her blog site. Information in her site said to go outside at night and take pictures using a flash. I did and it worked. I’ve taken pictures most nights since November 18, and each night has been different.

Orbs are now thought to be “emanations of spiritual beings,” according to Dr.  Klaus Heinemann in the book he co-authered titled, The Orb Project.

IMG_4570 red

The first nights of my taking pictures found varying numbers of orbs. They varied in size, location and intensity. On the overall average, most were too dark. Then I had a break-through last week when looking up orb colors and just happened to see a sentence that said, “Be sure to use your nighttime setting.” I didn’t even know my camera had such a thing.  Now my pictures turn out much better since they gave more light.

Now I take pictures during the in the morning when it’s just beginning to get light, during the last light of the day and after it’s dark. These first pictures were taken on the moist hazy morning of December 8.

IMG_4576 red

The long orb resulted from its moving when I took the picture.

IMG_4577 red

It was a humid morning, and I think the teeny tiny “sparks” are from the flash hitting water particles close to the camera. I could see them when the flash went off. According to Dr. Heinemann,  particles must be within 4 inches of the lens to make an orb.

IMG_4590 red

This picture baffled me when I took it, and it still does.  This picture was taken from the backyard looking toward the house. I pressed the button to focus. Suddenly the image on the display went way out of focus and the camera went off.  This resulted in the picture above. If you look close, you can see a thin red ring around the orb.

IMG_4591 red

I immediately took another picture of the same view, and this is what I got.

IMG_4081 red

This picture was taken a few mornings before when I aimed the camera overhead at the sky. The orange orb is the only orb in the picture, and there was nothing in my surroundings that would’ve caused it. I didn’t see it on the display until after taking the picture.

IMG_4608 red

When I’m taking pictures, I just walk around our 2-acre yard. Some are taken closer to the barn or certain trees. Others are longer views. If I’m too close to an object like the barn, the flash overpowers too much of the picture. Buffy (large female chocolate lab) is the dark brown shape below the lowest orb. A picture of her in the same area a few nights ago ended up with an orb right above her and another one to the left.

IMG_4626 redThis was the last picture before going in the house.

IMG_4657 red

It was dark when I went out in the evening. There’s also an orb near the ground beside the little table and other small faint ones.

IMG_4668 redI try different angles and different distances from the subjects. It’s exciting because there’s no way to predict the outcome. I’m getting more colored orbs like the one above for some reason. I’ve also gotten pictures of faint green ones, turquoise, orange, pale pink, and violet ones.

Orbs can position themselves with a background that creates a face in the orb. Orbs also occur in shapes beside round. I even have captures squarrish ones. They can be variations of out-of-round. So every single picture produces a unique arangement of orbs, according to the orb’s purpose for being in the picture. They offer messages by their strategic placement. Nothing is random.

IMG_4685 red

My biggest frustration right now is my night blindnessthat keeps me confined to the yard. There’s so many places, like cemetaries, that I’d like to check for orbs.

Seems like the more I’m out taking orb pictures, the more questions I have. Do things like the moon phase affect their numbers and their characteristics? Is the color of the orb associated with a certain angel? If I talk to them, invite them to join me in the yard, offer them gratitude for coming, will that  affect the numbers that are present?

There’s a lot to learn with my new and exciting hobby.


16 responses to this post.

  1. So you must be outdoors to get an orb?” I don’t think that I have ever looked for an orb- maybe my photos have had some and maybe not. This is just a bit eerie. I think I’ll leave the orbs to you and read about it on your blog. Very interesting.



  2. Posted by Therese on December 12, 2012 at 1:01 am

    Fantastic photos. Forever the pupil … forever the teacher. Wow!


  3. I was out taking shots of the full moon last month and one of these nearly drove me crazy, wanting to show up beside the moon in every photo. The only way around it was to line it up with the moon and then take the picture, which made it disappear in the photo.


    • So you were seeing that one in your vision? That’s neat. It probably had a message for you to be so insistant. I don’t see these except in the picture.


      • I thought it was glare on the lens from the full moon, but it was a warmer yellow color, which was odd. It was tough getting it out of the picture, that’s for sure!

      • Interesting. I’ve only done this a little over a month and have a lot to learn. My best friend bought us both a book by Klaus Heinemann, titled Orbs, Their Mission and Messages of Hope. It’s easy to read, has lots of information and pictures too.

  4. Posted by my secret love for you on December 12, 2012 at 7:26 am

    Nice pictures !!!


  5. I always learn something new here! 🙂 I didn’t even know what an orb was so had to google it.. Interesting! Thanks for today’s lesson!


  6. I’m so glad you are spreading the good news of orbs! The brilliant golden yellow orb has all the inner characteristics of an orb. Lovely!!


    • Thanks. Do you mean the first of the three golden/orange ones? I captured 11 amazing pictures this morning (took 142 in 30 minutes). I’ll email you a couple when I get organized this morning.


      • Yes, the first one, although it would be interesting to get a closer look at the other two and see if they have the same details, and perhaps be the same orb.

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