Nighttime Mist

Domesticity often gets in the way of my fun. Like tonight, while cooking supper. A front was coming through, a strong wind blew from the north, temperatures were dropping and a heavy mist fell … or should I say “blew.” I just had to hurry out to see how the  mist looked in nighttime pictures and if there were any orbs.

IMG_5423 red

I only saw 3 orbs in the picture above, and all of them are on the right side.

IMG_5426 red

This picture looks filled with only mist-produced orbs. I pointed the camera in all directions, except the north because of the wind direction. I didn’t want the camera lens to get wet.

IMG_5431 red

Looks like the orbs of from the emanations of spirit beings made themselves much larger so they wouldn’t be confused with the orbs caused by the heavy mist. Besides the orb on the back of the old garage, there’s one above it and to the right, and two above to the left.

IMG_5436 redAll these “orbs” resulted from the mist except the pale one at the top of the pine.

 It wasn’t 5 minutes and I was back to cooking. At least I felt much better learning what I learned.


The above happened on Dec. 17. The following pictures were taken last night, the 20th. A strong weather pattern that hampered holiday traffic brought us strong winds gusting to 50 mph and dropping temperatures.

I just had to hurry out for a few pictures that might include orbs.

IMG_5604 red

Turned out that a light snow was falling. Amongst all this I found 2 small orbs. Obviously, the distance from the camera determined the size of the “snow orbs.” The wind also blew them enough to alter their shape.

IMG_5605 crop red

I snapped this picture less than a minute after the one above. Both are from the same direction, with this one being from further back. Six orbs appeared in it — one low on the right at the edge of the picture, another above the bush on the left and two faint ones in left side of the tree. I also suspect the two prominent round white ones are orbs too.

IMG_5606 red

A gray orb “hangs” in the lower right side of the pine tree.  Three or four minutes were enough time to satisfy my curiousity about the possiblity orbs in these conditions … besides, it was much warmer inside and a good movie had just come on.

6 responses to this post.

  1. I love these pictures, especially the ones from last night! Need to read about orbs, I still don’t see what you see! Luckily, I’ve just finished my last working day and now I got two weeks off 🙂 so I have time to read.


    • Glad you enjoyed the pictures. The snow and mist make the bright white orbs from the flash hitting the water particles. Orbs can be white too, like the 3 behind the old garage. Orbs can be green, blue, orange, pink and shades of them. I’m still uncertain on certain ones, others I know for sure. Check out


  2. Great looking orbs. Looks like you had plenty of them.


    • Most were mist or snow, but I found more orbs than I expected. I haven’t photographed orbs long enough to know if there’s even a way to predict when there might be more or less.


  3. Good investigative work! Lovely to see orbs mixing with snow.


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