Woven Nest

Two bird “cousins” that nest here in southern Illinois build similar nests. The Baltmore (or northern) oriole weaves its nest 15-30 feet high. I’ve only found two of them, and they were found in the winter when there were no leaves hide them. The males have a bright orange front, black back and head, and white wing bars.

IMG_0285 crop red alt

I found this woven nest last winter just north of where I park the truck at my rural property. I knew immediately it was an oriole nest. The back side of the nest had been torn from its other support. I didn’t think and just assumed it was a Baltimore oriole’s.

Then I later had a “duh” moment and looked up orchard orioles. They nest from 4 to 50 feet high, and this one was about 4 feet high. Both usually construct the nest in a forked terminal twig. Their nests are woven with strips of plant fiber, and are lined with fine grass, plant down and hair.

The way the nest was so tightly woven it made me wonder how they did that. They don’t have two hands like we do.

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  1. Great post with the photo of the woven bird’s nest. I like the kind of info a lot. When is was grwoing up many moons ago we had orioles that nested locally and there were none. The bluebirds, scizzortail, woodpeckers, and the list goes on- these all declined but some have made a comeback because there is no poisoning of the cotton which is no longer grown in the area where I still own property.

    About 2nd week of October the white throats are here in the yard. Not so this year. They were here for a few days for I heard their call about 3rd week of November and then there were none. I am sick about the environment and fear it is only getting worse. It has probably reached a point where it is too late to do anything that will overcome the pollution to the water and the air.


  2. Great find and a curiosity of nature!


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