This is what I woke to this morning, December 29.

The blizzard that started on Christmas evening left us 14 inches before it finally quit the later the next morning. We actually had a little melting yesterday morning. Then a light rain started, then went to freezing rain, then sleet and finally snow. Now we have six more inches.

IMG_5966 red

… I look out now at 10:30. A light snow falls again, and  the breezes increase enough to now knock snow off the branches.

IMG_5966 crop red

  It’s absolutely beautiful.

Chicken cooks for chicken salad. Dough rises for Basic White Bread and will soon fill the house with that wonderful bread-baking aroma.

It’s a good day.

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  1. Posted by my secret love for you on December 29, 2012 at 11:05 am

    Wow it is really beautiful! I love snow and I was hoping to have some today, but seems like it will be just rain again (Jersey Shore NJ)


  2. Great looking snow- we don’t get any of that here. We can’t even get a decent rain. It is very dry in the western part of the county where I live.

    Back to your snow. Beautiful pics.


  3. Beautiful! You got quite a bit more than we did-we ended up with about 5 inches, but it’s snowing again right now.


  4. Thanks for following my brand new blog, makes for a propitious beginning! Happy New Year! We got snow for the last day of the year also, a forced day of rest…


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