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Subjects don’t always present themselves for the best of photographic opportunities.

I took these pictures from the truck with the motor running, the window part way down, trying to aim the camera over a fence and stay behind Buffy.

IMG_8722 red

 Ducks and geese commonly visit this small private lake.

IMG_8721 red

Then I noticed orange legs. My son, the hunter, calls them speckled bellies. Technically, they’re greater white-fronted geese.

IMG_8718 red

They’re only common west of the Mississippi River, and we live in southern Illinois.

IMG_8719 red

This was the perfect ending for a perfect outing.

My Fascination with Ice

The creek on my rural property was a mixture of running water, frozen and freezing ice.

IMG_8575 red

The darker areas had water touching the ice underneath.

IMG_8578 red

Air filled the light areas.


I’m sure the explanation for these shapes would be too complicated for an artistic mind.

Just amazing!


The sequence of next 6 pictures was taken in two minutes.

IMG_8581 red

The light areas were light because air filled the void below the ice.

IMG_8582 red

The whole surface was frozen. Air would rush under the ice in spidering directions.

IMG_8583 red

First here and then there. Obviously, the water level was slowly dropping.

IMG_8584 red

 Sometimes small areas turned white; other times much larger areas.

IMG_8585 red

This whole area was about three feet square.

IMG_8587 alt red arrow

The arrow shows where the original opening was.

The word amazing came to mine.

Teeny Surprise

The red color of these teeny moss spore capsules caught my attetnion.

IMG_4173 crop

The teeny ice “crystals” didn’t show until the picture was in the computer.

A miniature magical garden …

Velvet Tree Apron Moss

 Buffy and I  rounded the corner of the creek on Eagle Mountain.

IMG_7927 red

All the drab colors of winter made the green moss on the bases of several trees stand out.

IMG_7936 red

This was the first one I came to, and it had the most dramatic root system.

IMG_7934 red

Frost dulled the green in the shaded area of the moss.

IMG_7956 crop red

Velvet tree apron moss grows on rocks, the bases of trees and decaying wood.

IMG_7954 crop red

It’s appearance changes when it dries. This was higher on the same tree.

IMG_7942 red

This arrangement just begged to be photographed.

Brake for Ice

 One of my absolute favorite things is designs in ice.

IMG_7795 red

So, I just had to stop and investigate this ice. We had an accumulation of water from melting of 20 inches of snow, followed by heavy rains, then freezing tempatures.

IMG_7764 crop red alt

The water gradually went down and left designs in the forming  ice.

IMG_7765 crop alt red

All these designs were small.

IMG_7772 crop red

IMG_7778 red

IMG_7782 crop alt red

IMG_7783 alt red

Deserves Respect

The ground crunched under foot in the backyard. The sun shone through very few clouds. The 9 a.m. temperature sat at 27, and the northwest wind blew at 20mph, gusting to 29, making a wind chill of 15.

I walked right up to this dandelion, in full bloom, showing no signs of even knowing it was cold.

IMG_8269 crop alt red

  I know many people consider dandelions to be a weed. Not me. They’re one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring and last in the fall. Butterflies and other insects visit them. Kids of all ages like to blow the seeds from their ball-shaped seedhead.

The flower sure had my respect, and my appreciation for the beauty it added to my day.

Ice and Water

These are a few of the reasons I like ice and water.

IMG_8055 red

Reflections make pretty pictures.

IMG_7959 alt red

Patterns in ice create interesting designs of light and shadow.

IMG_7982 crop red

This ice curiosity formed in a cavity not 3 inches across.

IMG_8010 crop

Tumbling water rolled over on itself, trapped air and bubbles resulted.

IMG_8034 crop

Rippling water cast yellow-rimmed shadows on the rocks below.

IMG_8053 red

IMG_8070 red

Add the sound of running water to all this, and it explains why I’m drawn to rocky creeks.