Orb Mystery

It all started in the middle of November when I found the orbdelight blog site. She told how to go out at night and take pictures using a flash. I did, and I found orbs. Orbs are said to be emanations of Spirit Beings.


This picture was taken after a blizzard that  left us with 14 inches of snow.

IMG_4934 red

Then early one morning I actually got this picture of a spirit. Seven others placed themselves so they would be in pictures too.

Photographing orbs has been frustrating for me at times, because I have night blindness. This obviously limits my orb-picture-taking to my 2-acre yard.


The next additition to my orb questing came when I least expected it.

IMG_5746 crop red copy

This cropped picture above shows a spirit — the cream-colored “line” — across the two trees. If you look on to the right, there’s a faint trail of energy left behind the moving spirit. Then if you look on to the arrow on the right edge of the picture, you’ll see a small green spot. I had no idea what that was until last week.

Buffy and I hiked the trail around Jone’s Lake. The cloudy sky reminded me of the picture above. So, I stopped twice to take pictures with the sun in or near the picture. No orbs showed on the camera’s display. The rest of the pictures were cropped so the orbs can be easily seen.

IMG_7339 crop redI took 11 pictures and didn’t see the kelly green orbs until I got the pictures in the computer. I also wondered about the area with the pale violet color shape. It’s rounded on the bottom and fades into the background at top. Is it an orb? The kelly green spot is definitely an orb.

IMG_7342 crop red

This picture was taken from the same spot. Notice how the color energy is fainter and how the kelly green orb changed its position.

The next 4 cropped pictures were taken from the same spot and notice how the green orb still kept changing positions.

IMG_7400 crop 2

IMG_7404 crop red

IMG_7402 crop red

IMG_7407 crop red

So, now I’m wondering if I have a new “hiking companion?”

I hope so.


14 responses to this post.

  1. It’s a nice thought! Maybe a guardian. 🙂


  2. Posted by Therese on January 16, 2013 at 3:07 pm

    The green orb looks like it is playing hide and seek with you. Just amazing!
    I know many people will not understand orbs. I hope they do not let their fear of the unknown lead to judgmental perceptions. You are a very special lady!


  3. A green orb. For pity sake. What will follow you around next? Can’t wait to find out.


  4. There’s no telling what I’ll find next. The more I see, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I see.


  5. Just spent the evening catching up with you and your nature delights! Your photos have been amazing and your narrative awesome. I learn so much from your blog!


  6. Fascinating Kelly green companion. Looks quite friendly!


  7. Oh, you’re very lucky to have been visited by these guys! Amazing to see those photos. We occasionally will see a fox pass through to munch on mulberries fallen from a big tree in front. My cats sit still and just watch. The fox doesn’t seem to notice them. Thanks for sharing. Kathi :O)


  8. Oops, above, thought I was commenting on the post about your foxes! This all gets confusing sometimes! Anyway, the green orb is very interesting and I wouldn’t think just a coincidence. I see a misty face in the photo where the green orb first showed up! I think you do have a hiking companion. Let us know if it keeps happening! :O)


    • I’ll have to look for the green face. I’m excited about the orb photography. If you want to try it. I set the camera on low-light setting, on auto and use the flash. I get back from the barn/elm etc, point camera so it mostly has the tops and the sky above and take the pictures. One picture can have a bunch and the next of the same area none. Numbers vary every night. Let me know if you try it.


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