Manifesting Foxes

As some of my followers know, we had a family of foxes den under the barn last summer. Yesterday, I started going through the BIG file of fox pictures, thinking about doing another blog about them. I thought that might manifest them returning this year.  I even told my husband last night that I’d like to do something to cover/hide the 2 barrels of oil.

This morning, I sat down at the computer, looked out the window, and a small fox went across the back back of our backyard and into the shrubby thicket in the corner. It wasn’t long and a larger fox came around from behind the barn, looked under the barn where the den was, and left the yard going south. Two other foxes were in the yard a little later at different times.

These are a few of the 488 pictures I took between May 8 and May 24 last year.

IMG_4322 crop red

This was the first picture I took of them. Then I had to clear items from my garden area, since all pictures were taken from inside the house.

IMG_4417 crop red

Little sibling rivalry here.

IMG_4436 crop red

Meal time. The male would bring the food in

IMG_4447 crop red

and then take it away when they were done.  The little ones didn’t eat much on it. They were still nursing.

IMG_4510 crop red

I couldn’t fool her. Four other pictures had her staring straight at me too. Here she was at the water garden for a drink.

IMG_4516 crop red

Looked like an afternoon romp.  Maybe the fourth was napping.

IMG_4547 crop red

The prey looked about the size as the kit.

IMG_4557 crop red

She was always on alert.

IMG_4573 crop red

Three were nursing. Wonder if the fourth was full or waiting its turn?

IMG_4580 crop red

Almost done with their meal.

IMG_4616 red

Something was gettting to close.

IMG_4739 crop red

They looked like they were enjoying the sun’s warmth.

IMG_4932 crop red

Another morning out for a short time. Notice the blue on the left. They apparently started raiding garbage cans and bringing scraps “home.”

IMG_5029 crop red

This was one of the last pictures taken of the foxes.


Maybe if we all look forward to seeing the fox family, it just might bring them back to den under the barn again.


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  1. Posted by Vicki on January 18, 2013 at 10:38 am

    very interesting photos.. being right there able to capture it was a wonderful experience for you. do you know what the fox was carrying in as a meal that was almost as big as its kit?


    • I planned my mornings and evenings around their activities. I’m pretty sure the fox was carrying groundhog. Another picture I have showed a fresher kill of a groundhog. The color was the same on both.


  2. It’s been so long since I saw wild foxes! Thanks for sharing these great pictures!!!


    • You’re welcome. I could count the number of foxes I’ve seen in the wild on one hand. It was such a treat to have them here in the yard, viewable from the picture window by my computer. Do hope they return.


  3. Posted by my secret love for you on January 18, 2013 at 7:19 pm

    Beautiful pictures, foxes bring a lot of memories they are very smart creatures!!!


  4. Wow. That’s a pretty memorable experience that most of us will never have. Thanks for sharing the photos.


  5. Interesting! The foxes in my neighborhood are much smaller.


    • The male was much bigger. He wasn’t here as much. I do hope we manifest them returning to den. My husband and really enjoyed them. Buffy didn’t like them in her territory.


  6. Fantastic series of pics! I hope they return this spring and you get more pics..:-))


  7. I remember enjoying your series of fox captures last year. Fingers crossed they return for another season for all of our enjoyment again through your lens! 🙂


  8. Nice to see them again!


  9. I saw a fox run across the road with great speed last evening and thought of you. It ‘s been over a year since I last saw a fox.


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