Subjects don’t always present themselves for the best of photographic opportunities.

I took these pictures from the truck with the motor running, the window part way down, trying to aim the camera over a fence and stay behind Buffy.

IMG_8722 red

 Ducks and geese commonly visit this small private lake.

IMG_8721 red

Then I noticed orange legs. My son, the hunter, calls them speckled bellies. Technically, they’re greater white-fronted geese.

IMG_8718 red

They’re only common west of the Mississippi River, and we live in southern Illinois.

IMG_8719 red

This was the perfect ending for a perfect outing.


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  1. OH I like these pics a lot. I am fond of geese and ducks. My husband hunted them but I would not cook what he hunted. Hated it that he was a hunter.


    • I'[m glad you like the pictures. It was such a surprise to find the greater-white fronted ones. I have hunters in the family too. My husband doesn’t hunt much now, and the boys are grown and married … and I’m not so inclined to cook now.


  2. Wow, what a treat to see so many geese!


    • We can see a LOT more geese during migrations. My husband took me one time to watch geese going into a large strip mining area before sunset. Other bodies of water had frozen over. The deep pits weren’t freezing. We watched 1,000’s of geese flying in from all directions and landing. We couldn’t see the water where they landed. I “heard” geese honking all night after that.


  3. I’ve not ever seen the orange-legged geese, what a nice surprise for you to capture!


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