Nesting Bald Eagles

My oldest son reported seeing 2 eagles on the nest. Needless to say, I left within minutes.

IMG_8271 crop red

One eagle kept its head down in the top of the nest. The one on the left faced the other direction, which put its tail towards me.  The head on the one would come up for a short time and then go back down. I had no idea what it was doing.

IMG_8292 crop red

Then they just sat there. This was 2 in the afternoon.

IMG_8301 crop redThis last picture was taken a little closer to the nest.

I watched them for 10 minutes and took the above picture when going to turn around.

 Something apparently happened to the young last year, because they quit nesting activities. I do so hope this year’s nesting is successful.

This visit was on January 21.



The major cold front crossing the country came through our side of southern Illinois Tuesday night after 10 p.m.  I had just finished my breakfast the next morning and had a sudden thought, “the eagle nest.” Did it survive the storm? It wasn’t long before Buffy and I were on our way to check.

IMG_9517 alt red

The nest could be seen from the highway. What a relief! The huge tree lost a trunk a few years ago. I figured it wasn’t as balanced and strong as it should be, and that 70 mph winds could do damage.

IMG_9511 crop alt red

I parked back at my usual spot near a substation so I, hopefully, wouldn’t pressure the eagles. The white head in the nest — I knew all was OK. After taking a few pictures, I drove on to turn around. And there across the road, in a tree sat …

IMG_9526 crop red

the other eagle! That’s how you can tell you’re having a good day!


  I now wonder if the one in the nest was incubating eggs, and the other one was standing guard. As you can see in the pictures in the top of this blog, how the one kept its head bent down. This went on for over 5 minutes. Maybe she was laying eggs.


12 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Vicki on February 1, 2013 at 9:57 am

    great set of photos 🙂 I’ve never seen an eagle in a nest.. it will be fun and exciting for you if they have little ones.


  2. So glad that the eagele nest survived. I had read that they begin nesting rather early. I hope they can rear young this year so that you can take a bunch of pics. That nest is sre out in the open.


    • I’ll go once a week to check on them. I’m glad they are nesting where I can take pictures. On the other hand, they’re in the open and get too much attention. That’s why I stay back and don’t go often.


  3. Looks like a very strong and warm nest for the nestlings. Wonderful photos!


  4. Lovely shots of the eagles in the nest with the blue sky background. In your last nest shot on 1/30 with the eagle sitting low in the nest, it appears she is incubating some eggs, and makes sense to find daddy close by up in the trees and area to stand guard. Keep us updated, I’ll love reading your weekly posts on this nest activity. Fingers crosses for a successful season!


  5. Great shots!! They seem to be quite high up in the trees, let’s hope they won’t be disturbed too much 🙂


  6. You were definitely having a good day! I hope all is well with your eagle friends!


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