I don’t remember where I got the idea for a reflexology stone path. I did yoga at that time too. The 2 seemed to go together.

The first part I put in was the foreground loop, and it measures 14 feet long and 9 wide. Landscaping cloth went down first and then the edging of old bricks my mother gave me.  Last was spreading the medium river gravel that’s dredged from the Ohio here in southern Illinois.

 It just didn’t have the design that fitted calling it a meander. The next addition went from the top of the center curve and made the loop to the left.  It still wasn’t a “meander” until I added the side path on the right. Large river gravel went on the outside of the bricks to help hold them in place. What’s not in the picture in the foreground is a sitting area covered with flat rocks from the creek on my rural property.  They cover the area between the stone path and the catalpa tree in a triangle of about 12′ wide by 9 deep.

The bowl on the left is a solar water pump with special rocks in it. The plantings around it have changed over the 7 years I’ve had the meander. Seventeen sedum plants border the upper edge now. Creek stones fill in the sides. Every now and then I build one or more cairns for added interest. I have no shortage of rocks in my yard.

I found out at the same time I put the path in that I had structural problems with my feet. The path helped them (along with orthodics too). I had to wear socks until my feet got toughened up. I won’t go into the reflexology benefits.

I go out in evening, sit for a while in a lawn chair under the tree to relax. Then I slowly walk the path in which ever way I  choose. I always take time to sit afterwards, massage my feet and watch the evening progress. It’s really beautiful to walk it in the light of a full moon too.


I’m posting this early in the season to allow time for anyone interested to plan and make such a path before the growing season gets here.


8 responses to this post.

  1. You worked for a while on that project, I can see.


  2. What a lovely meditational walk you’ve created.. Like a labyrinth, but takes up much less space. Thanks for sharing the beauty of your design!


  3. Beautiful Kathy! So creative, you are an artist too. I love it and can see how much you would love and enjoy this area. Hurry up warmer weather!


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