I walked into the kitchen to get a can of pop. A white animal was sort of running across the parking lot of the red building that used to be a restaurant. It turned quickly around when it neared the highway. It started my direction. I ran for the camera, went out through the shop and stood beside the bed of my truck. At first I thought it was a cat, only it wasn’t cat shape. I concentrated on getting a picture.

It came across our neighbor’s yard, went toward the highway, under the corner of her fence, changed direction when got close to the highway again  and started toward me. It hadn’t seen me. I had an “OH ____” moment. When it got 10 or so feet from me. I moved, and it hightailed it back across our side yard and between our neighbor’s house and garage.

IMG_3002 red

I didn’t see it again.

IMG_3000 red

Obviously, it was not a cat; it was a partial albino otter!

I called my youngest son. He said there used to be albino otters at the strip pit behind our house. I don’t remember that. The otter was heading toward another strip pit southwest of our house.

I’ve only seen otters once and that was when I took my youngest son trout fishing at Montauk State Park in Missouri. An adult and  2 young were playing in the small lake part of the park. I have seen the fish-scale evidence of otter’s feeding at 2 places.

But … I would’ve never expected to see one in my yard, much less a partial albino!


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  1. Wow. That’s quite a find–definitely not something you see every day. Thanks for sharing the photo.


  2. Posted by Therese on March 4, 2013 at 8:51 am

    How cool is that??????????????????? Wow!!!!!


  3. That’s really cool! Great you got a shot of him as well! 🙂 Thanks for sharing that.


  4. My mom just showed me that second picture! What a sight! You’re lucky Keith wasn’t there…:)


  5. Saweeeeet! Thats something you deffinatley don’t see every day. Everytime I visit the Tellico Rivwer areas I’m on the lookout for otters and beavers but no luck yet but I do find signs of them..:-)


    • I still haven’t recovered from the shock and excitement. Otter are much more common in southern Illinois now. I just aren’t out at the right place or time to see one.


  6. Awesome, I felt your adrenaline pumping Kathy. Great shot & trigger finger too! 🙂 And he thought he was going to get away with being photographed, HA!


    • It took quite a while for my pulse to return to normal, especially reporting the incidence immediately to 3 people. The otter was in a hurry to get where it was going and didn’t cooperate for pictures. I only got 2, which gave me the proof I needed to tell the story.


  7. I’d love to see an otter, but probably not on my lawn!


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