I break for turkey vultures … or for any other cooperative bird or animal for that matter.

IMG_2944 crop red

Buffy and I were on our way home after a hike when I encountered these 2. I thought the wing posture odd.

IMG_2949 crop red

More vultures arrived. Was the one a female, and the other three doing some sort of display to impress her?

IMG_2959 crop red

I decided that could very well be, especially after watching the middle bird. It would lift one foot, spread its toes and do a funny-looking hop.

IMG_2965 crop redTalking about getting a lot of attention!

IMG_2974 crop red

And then even more attention. Occasionally one would be in the grass on the left, apparently feeding. The “meal” was dragged on the road.

IMG_2983 crop red

I had been taking pictures, easing the truck forward, and taking more pictures. Then we had “company.” The man slowed down a lot. Naturally the birds flew. There were 8 birds by then.

IMG_2998 crop red

Four of the birds returned. The “impressing” behavior continued.

IMG_2992 crop red 2

Me, after a couple more pictures, I headed home for lunch.


6 responses to this post.

  1. They sure picked a strange place to do whatever they were doing.


  2. Fascinating! Usually turkey vultures will fly away from their road top meal when cars approach. Must have been quite a beauty of a vulture to inspire such posturing!


  3. That was pretty cool!


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