Not Just Any Petrified Wood

That person in blue sitting HIGH on a roadcut is me in Kansas in October 2003.

IMG_7116 red

Why, you ask, was I sitting way up there? There was a good reason, otherwise, I for sure wouldn’t risk bodily harm.

My oldest son was in the Army and stationed at Fort Riley. He did extensive fossil hunting while out there. He invited me and my husband out so I could have some of the fun too. My husband wasn’t quite as interested in fossils and did other things.

Keith carefully got me down to our intended destination on the shale road cut. Then he realized he’d forgotten his pick and went on down the hill, as only a coordinated person could (and that a mother couldn’t watch).

 I was afraid to breathe and kept one heel dug in. If I started sliding, there’d be no stopping until I reached the bottom.

IMG_7117 red

Look close and you will now see

something that shouldn’t be.

IMG_7120 red

Impressed? I was. This is petrified driftwood, not petrified wood, but petrified driftwood! Keith found it when driving by one day. He saw something dark sticking out with an oxidized rusty stain coming down from it. He climbed up and found the petrified wood.

IMG_7118 red

This area was under water during the Permian Age 229-251 million years ago. A log/tree floated 400-500 miles out into the sea, sank and became petrified … instead of rotting. The trees at that time were still deciduous, like the tree ferns, and had softer wood that shouldn’t have held together to float that far. It had to then have been buried then by some natural event for it to have petrified.

So, that makes this petrified wood an unique preservation.

IMG_1613 crop red

These next 3 pictures are from my fossil collection.

IMG_1617 crop alt red

They contain a lot of iron and are heavy for their size. The black with crystals sparkles more than shows in the picture.

IMG_1625 crop alt red

This is my biggest piece and measures almost 7 inches tall.


I will occasionally post other blogs with fossils from that trip, including ones from the Niobrara Chalk.


8 responses to this post.

  1. What an amazing and interesting find!! So glad shared this! 🙂


  2. Wow, the petrified driftwood is a very cool find!! Although, looks like a daring and dangerous fossil hunt! BTW, I posted my orb photo here, just copy and paste, see what you think . .


    • Great orb picture. I have no doubt it was spirit emanated. If you have an outdoor security light, you might experiment photographing orbs around it. I focus the camera down on a dark place, hold button, aim the camera and take the picture. They take a lot of experimenting.


  3. I love walking through the woods any time of the year so yes I really love your photos. You have done an amazing job of capturing that special feeling.


  4. Cool finds! When I was a kid and lived briefly in South Dakota (dad was stationed there), my parents, sister & I would go fossil hunting in the Black Hills. It was fun!


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