Along the Creek

Every hike along this small creek varies from the recent weather, the weather of the day and probably from my mood too.

IMG_2849 red

Small creeks hold just as much enjoyment and intrigue as larger ones.

IMG_2869 red

Rippling water created constantly changing patterns of light and shadow.

IMG_2843 red

This creek has more than its share of petrified wood for some reason. Petrified wood always fascinates me that wood became stone through a loooong process.

IMG_2828 red

Green algae made quite a contrast with drab colors of winter.

IMG_2831 red

 I just paused and took it all in before

IMG_2840 red

going in closer to photograph falling water

IMG_2857 red

and ice formations.

IMG_2877 red

As you can tell, movement of light and shadows fascinate me.

IMG_2861 red

As do bubbles. It’s hard to tell in this picture, but each bubble I photograph had my reflection on it.

IMG_2893 red

A thin layer of clear ice covered a shallow pool off to the side of the creek.

IMG_2894. redOh my.

IMG_2898 red

It’s obvious why artists use nature for inspiration.


11 responses to this post.

  1. Beautiful! This is a place where I could sit a whole day and watch the wonderful patterns of nature..


    • Thanks. I have to get all the running creeks before they dry up this summer. These that I visit are usually wet-weather creeks that only have water with heavy rains.


  2. Lovely captures of nature!


  3. The largest stone in that last picture looks like it has a geometric pattern on it. Nature the geometer.


  4. Posted by my secret love for you on March 15, 2013 at 9:08 am

    Good memories come to my mind looking at your pictures, thank you for sharing.
    I love running water and small creeks, I feel something inside like a good feeling.


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