Along the Creek Bank

The sun divided its time between shining and hiding behind clouds, as the pictures show.

IMG_3814 red

I wish I knew what the trees thought about living on the edge of the creek. This is a wet-weather creek, which means it has more of a decline through the hills, and only has water during the wet times.

IMG_3811 red

Moss wouldn’t have a chance to grow on these low roots.

IMG_3833 red

like it does on this tree and the one in the next picture.

IMG_3835 red

This shows how rocky the ground is from ravine’s eroding over the eons.

IMG_3841 alt red

Future heavy rains and flash flooding might occasionally move a rock.

IMG_3853 alt red

I wondered what caused all the holes. The center looks like a face with a big forehead and a pointed chin.

IMG_3857 red

Buffy and I turned around here and headed back to the truck.


6 responses to this post.

  1. I’m really amazed by all the stone there. It looks like a lot of it would be perfect for stone wall building.


    • Sandstone stones wash out of the hills over time. The second of four glaciers made it down to southern Illinois. It’s flat here where I live and 10 miles to the east and 7 to the south gets into the hills that weren’t glaciated. The “mountains” as the locals call them is a long line of rocky hills and covers a lot of southern Illinois were faulted up before the glaciation ,,, I think..


  2. Posted by Deer Sister on March 24, 2013 at 12:53 pm

    Awesome pictures! Such peace! Wonder what the “old ones” have witnessed in their lifetime?


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