My Camera?

Buffy and I were on our way back to the truck. The sun occasionally peeked through the thin clouds. As usual, the running, bubbling, rolling water caught my attention. I started taking pictures. The sun was opposite me. I didn’t change any of the camera’s settings.

And then, and then something took over my camera, and these are some of the resulting pictures.

IMG_3815 red

I tried to have the sun reflecting on the water.

IMG_3816 red

IMG_3867 red

IMG_3872 red

Occasionally I succeeded. I have no explanation for the white star pulling the white of the light out behind it

IMG_3875 red

IMG_3878 red

The sun wasn’t as bright in this one as I expected.

IMG_3879 red

Reflections on and around rocks took on interesting shapes.

IMG_3890 red

Many reflections turned into radiating stars or brilliant dots.

IMG_3907 red

The sun reflects in the lower right with a ring of deep red around it.

IMG_3903 red

Blue, for some reason, rims these reflections and

 IMG_3908 red

orange rims mainly the reflections on the left. I wondered what the deciding factor was that created either the blue or orange rims.

IMG_3883 crop alt red

 And, yes, whoever was using the camera, also got orbs in several pictures.

This wasn’t the first time my camera took over with the picture effects. I can’t wait to see the results the next time it happens.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Beautiful pictures, they look magical! 🙂


  2. I like days like that.


  3. Posted by Therese on March 29, 2013 at 8:12 pm

    “Oh my word!”, as a very wise person always says to me. These are truly magical photos. Many look like they are abstract paintings. The 6th one…the 6th one…”Oh my gourd”, as she says too….as soon as I viewed it, I thought it was looking out from or through my eye.. I could see the pupil of my eye in the middle and the world around it!!!!! Holy Cow! Thank you, Deer Sister.


    • Well, Deer Sister, I get the impression you liked this blog! I’m glad. I put the camera on P, have the sun opposite me and try different positions on the water.


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