Foxes are BACK!!!

I was talking to my best friend on the phone, came in the computer room and sat down at the computer. A little fox came out from under the barn. My speech then turned to jibberish. The card wasn’t in my camera. The camera wasn’t on the right settings. I was repeating … have no idea what.

IMG_7388 crop red

I finally managed to say “baby fox.” By that time an adult joined the little one.

IMG_7389 crop alt red

They played a little bit. The adult sensed me and looked straight at me. The young went under the barn.

IMG_7390 crop alt red

The adult, which was a male, trotted to the south,

IMG_7392 crop alt red

stopped and looked to the east,

IMG_7394 crop alt red

to the west,

IMG_7395 crop alt red

and trotted on out of the yard.

We didn’t see the fox family last year until May 9. This young looked smaller than the first ones I saw last year.

I know young foxes are called kits. For some reason I’m not inclined to call them that … maybe I’ll switch. When they’re out playing, nursing, being curious, feeding on what dad brought in, I get so engrossed, so excited … well you can see why.

 “Stay tuned.” I plan to share my fox experiences.


10 responses to this post.

  1. Wow. Now two of the bloggers who I follow have foxes to watch. I look forward to the next installments.


  2. Nice shots! I had a fox encounter in my front yard. But it was dusk and I only had my camera phone. The picture was a little dull and fuzzy.


  3. Yay, they’re back!!! Thanks for sharing, I love to follow them as well 🙂 Check out Mike585’s blog, he has some nice fox pictures:


  4. Posted by Therese on April 15, 2013 at 9:01 pm

    I totally understood your jibberish! Glad they are back!!!!


  5. It’s great to have nature come walking right into your yard. Sue over at Back Yard Biology bought a trail camera and a blind to watch her visitors. You can see what she found here:


  6. Hurray the foxes are out scampering in the open! Perhaps young foxes are called kit because it might be short for kitten?


    • they haven’t shown themselves hardly any today and now might have storms coming. Like your “kit” being short for kitten. That makes since. Guess I should be correct.


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