Nature, the Artist

It was a cloudy day, almost cold and damp. Still was no reason to stay home another day. A drive on Eagle Mountain sounded like the best option.

The water level was much lower in the creek than I expected after all the recent rains.

IMG_8425 red

Tree reflections became the most obvious feature of the hike.

IMG_8429 red

Multi-levels added depth.

IMG_8459 redWind and more water movement became more abstract.

IMG_8438 red

Tall trees created smaller reflections

IMG_8471 red

and varying compositions.

IMG_8435 red

More sky dominated … or framed the interior “picture.”

IMG_8461 red

Can’t you almost hear the peace?

IMG_8462 red

This was the view up the creek

IMG_8455 red

where we turned around and started back.

IMG_8454 red


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  1. Posted by Margaret Collins on May 3, 2013 at 7:57 am

    love those water pictures.



  2. Lovely pictures, and yes- I can hear the peace!


  3. I’d love to just sit with a book and my feet dangling in that stream for an hour or so. Your trees are much further along than hours.


    • With Buffy along, we usually just mosey. Do you have a lot of ticks? We have 3 kinds and are much too numerous in my opinion.


      • We do have ticks and I’ve brought a few home with me in the past. At this time of year I use bug spray because of the millions of black flies, and I don’t think ticks like it.

      • Black flies don’t sound too pleasant. I do get most of my ticks from Buffy, even with all the tick stuff used on her. I used to be allergic to long star ticks. Luckily, the reaction has greatly reduced over the years. Do you have wild turkeys and turkey hunters in the spring? Illinois has 5 turkey seasons that last for total of about 1/1/2 months. They hunt until noon. So, we try to stay out of the wood during those times.

      • Yes, they hunt turkeys here through May, and then they have an archery only season in the fall. I worry more about deer hunters than anything else, because some of them have been known to shoot at anything that moves.

      • I can relate. Deer hunters come from other states to hunt here. Archery season goes 3 1/2 months, with 7 days of shotgun split over 2 weekends. Deer hunters wear the international orange. Turkey hunters don’t. And yes, they shoot at anything that moves. My husband and youngest son are serious archery hunters.

  4. So interesting to see Springtime in these photographs after seeing the Winter version in your earlier posts. I’m afraid I’m still surprised that Spring is here.


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