Phoebe Diary 2

This blog continues the diary of the eastern phoebes nesting in our barn.

IMG_8626 red

They’re obviously smaller than the next pictures. Notice the featherless wing in the right foreground. I took this picture on May 3.

IMG_8817 red

I didn’t take any more pictures until May 7 because of the cold rainy weather. Their nest is in our barn. Notice the growth of wing feathers.

IMG_8852. red alt

The only way to photograph in the nest was to stand on the axil and tire of the riding mower. I held a small flashlight in my left hand and used the camera with my right. The nest is on the top of a light on a rafter. This means I aimed the flashlight the direction I thought looked the best and did the same with the camera. Needless to say, I took several pictures in hopes of at least one good one.

IMG_8857 alt red

This picture and the one above were taken on May 8. There was considerable size difference since they hatched. They should fledge when 16-20 days old.

IMG_8900 red

May 9

Finally, they were positioned so I could count. There were 5 light tan eggs, and nowwere 5 little ones.

IMG_9060 red

May 10 showed rapid growth, especially in the feathers.

IMG_9135 red

I took this picture and the next one yesterday, Saturday the 11th.

IMG_9133 red

Their size and crowded conditions challenged picture-taking.


I ended up with no finished blog that I wanted to post today. My computer is by the picture window overlooking the backyard. What I assume is the male has perched at different places, flown out to catch a flying insect and headed straight for the barn. We’re considerably below normal temperature-wise, so the female is probably with the young.

This is a reminder of just how many Mothers there are in the world, counting all species!


You can find my first blog on the phoebe nest at:


9 responses to this post.

  1. Just amazing! They’re so small and precious… Well documented, Sensei! 🙂


  2. It’s amazing how fast they grow!


  3. The lighting is actually quite good. Well done!


  4. What a sweet series of shots! Kudos on your angling on photographing. I’ve been in some awkward positions for some shots myself, lol. Looking forward to the next series!


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