Phoebe Diary 3

It seems impossible that baby birds grow so fast.IMG_8626 red

I took this picture on May 3rd.

IMG_9421 red

How could the five fit comfortably in the nest like this on May 13?

IMG_9423 red

Three beaks show on the right in this picture.

IMG_9433 red

One of the parents came to the back of the barn to”chip” at me. It was a first. It didn’t show any aggression.

Walking in the barn, taking 13 pictures and leaving took 3 minutes.

IMG_9477 crop red

May 14th pictures showed the continual day-to-day fast growth

IMG_9473 crop red

and the increasing crowded conditions. There were 5 in the nest.

IMG_9551 crop red

Today — May 15. I know the nest won’t stretch as they grow.  IMG_9559 crop redThis was day 12 since eggs hatched. They should fledge between 16 and 20 days.

IMG_9648 crop red

These last 3 pictures were taken Thursday, the 16th and they will definitely be the last ones. Look closely at the yellow wire coming to the light. See the tiny brown spots? Well, those are mites and they were everywhere close by.

IMG_9656 crop red

These were taken from further back towards the barn door and the lens zoomed in.

IMG_9667 crop red

The parents were quite vocal with my presence. I didn’t linger.

I have enjoyed the experience, though.


Just so happened I was walking around the yard today (May 17th) with my camera. “Wonder if it would work if I took pictures zoomed in from the door and used the flash?”

IMG_9694 crop alt red

One out of 4 pictures was passable. The parents were quite aggitated. I closed the door and left.

Imagine — they went from the top picture to this last one in 14 days!


13 responses to this post.

  1. Amazing!! Very nice series of photos. 🙂


  2. Very nice. I have a similar experience. I will be posting very shortly. Thanks!


  3. I wonder why they grow so fast. It’s interesting to see all the moss that was used to build the nest.


  4. So amazing! I loved your series, you shared some fantastic photos.


  5. Just proves my theory that childhood is going way too fast these days. Not like the leisurely, took forever ones that we experienced. Great photos, especially the last one with the lightbulb.


  6. Thanks for sharing this amazing series of posts. I’ve been following o adventures of these little birds through your shots. I appreciate both the photos and the efforts that you have made not to disturb them


    • I enjoyed the experience. The adults tolerated me and stayed out of the barn until the last very few days. Then they got closer and quite vocal. They might use the nest again this summer or even next year, according to the information I found.


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