Yard Walk About

My day isn’t complete without a walk-about the backyard every evening.

IMG_1232 crop red

Green darner dragonflies are common.  IMG_1234 crop red

Not all spiders spin a flat web.

IMG_1235 crop red

She will lay her eggs toward the back  and stay near the opening to protect them. 

IMG_1236 crop red

I realize this isn’t the best picture of this small plume moth. It was the first one I’ve ever seen, and it only allowed time for one picture. 



5 responses to this post.

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the plume moth-it looks interesting, and not like other moths.


  2. I can do without the spiders YIKES, but pretty cool/weird looking moth. I would have never guessed it was a moth.


  3. I like your comment that you feel your day isn’t complete without a walk through the backyard! I feel the same way about that! :O)


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