Fossils and More

You wouldn’t believe some of the things I have laying around my house. In this case, it’s fossils.

My husband used to be the bow mechanic for a sporting goods store for 15 years. A man from Florida came up occasionally to visit his family. He’d come in for my husband to work on his bow. He hunted for whale fossils. Ron told him his wife really liked fossils, and he brought me whale bone fossils the next time he came to Illinois.

IMG_2087 alt crop

This piece of a bone measures 10 inches long.

IMG_2097 alt red

and this one is 7 inches tall, 6 wide,

IMG_2096 alt red

and 5″  front to back. Both bones are heavy.

IMG_2103 crop red

The rest of these fossils came from Alaska. My son has a good friend in Anchorage that he met on ebay. Craig buys exotic woods, stabilizes them, cuts them into blocks and scales, then sells them on ebay. He sent me the rest of the fossils in the blog. The one above is a walrus ivory.

IMG_2100 crop red

IMG_2102 crop red

IMG_2133 red

Any guesses on this one? It’s a whale vertebra and measures almost 6 inches in diameter and 1/2 inch thick.

IMG_2130 red

I find it odd that the underside is smooth, but what do I know.

IMG_2108 crop red

This is a fossilized claw — don’t know what from.

IMG_2111 red

This is an oosik bone. Anyone wanting to know what that is can research online.

IMG_2119 crop alt red

And this …. this is a fossil and an artifact! Craig found it on the beach near Nome. It’s called a bola. The men would go off hunting. The women stayed behind and were responsible for getting birds. A weight, like this bola, was tied on “rope” of sinew or animal skin. It was swung in a circle overhead and and thrown at birds in flight.

IMG_0949 red 4

Since I mentioned Craig, I wanted to show you some of the knives my son, Davis, has made with Craig wood, mammoth tooth and ivory.

IMG_2963 red

These 3 knives have damascus blades, each have ivory too. The bolster on the middle one is mammoth tooth. The black and white on the handle of the one on the right is ebony and ivory.

IMG_8778 red

Davis also makes bow grips with Craig wood too. This makes it look like he uses ivory quite often. He doesn’t, it only rarely.

Craig sells his scales and blocks on his ebay page: craigstevensstudio.

He doesn’t list all the time, so if you might be interested in his wood, just check every now and then.















7 responses to this post.

  1. You’ve got a very talented son and some one of a kind objects. I used to collect rocks and minerals and over the years people gave me various fossils that were really interesting, including sea shell fossils from Indiana.


    • I think rock/fossil is a genetic condition that I have in spades. IF you ever get to Indiana, I highly suggest fossil hunting on the roadcuts of mile marker 86 on Interstate 64! It has a rare trilobite that people come long distances to hunt. The road cuts are long and they even provide parking.


    • Another reply. Davis inherited a lot of artistic talent from my side of the family and shooting/hunting/guns from my husband. He makes all kinds of knives, including kitchen, and makes it look so easy.


  2. Posted by Margaret Collins on June 30, 2013 at 8:36 pm

    Hi Kathy, Where you been. Don’t think I like your new promotion, it’s keeping you too busy. I am so impressed with those knives, really beautiful. Mag.



    • It has been busy around here and will get busier. I’ll be baby sitting the next day and maybe more and will call when I get a chance. One of the things keeping me “busy” is really exciting.


  3. Great fossils and the knives are beautiful works of art! Impressive!!!


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