Eastern Phoebe

I was taking a “down” as my grandparents called it — an afternoon nap.

An eastern phoebe repeated its name over and over from a tree outside the window. From its flatter tone, I knew it was one of the immatures in the yard.

 IMG_2263 crop red

All these pictures were taken a few days ago. The brown color indicates an immature.

IMG_2265 alt red

The phoebes nested twice in our barn this summer, and this one is from the last brood.

IMG_2261 crop red

One of the parents “perched guard” over the young in the picture above. Notice the color difference.

IMG_5606 crop red

This is the first eastern phoebe picture I took on March 15th. The female built her nest on the side of a beam in the barn. The pair used that nest for their second brood too.

IMG_8615 red

The nestlings were 1 or 2 days old in this picture taken on May 3.

IMG_9667 crop red 

IMG_9559 crop red

And the last picture of the first brood was taken on May 16! 

My, how they grew!



2 responses to this post.

  1. They’re teenagers already! 🙂


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