Visiting Fritillary

The sunny morning started at 44 degrees and warmed to 66 before noon (date Sept. 8). An east wind at 10 mph kept flowers and plants in almost constant motion. The few butterflies nectared on summer farewell (an aster), lantana and white asters.

IMG_1812 crop red

It just so happened I was in the right place at the right time to see a fritillary that wasn’t the great spangled fritillaries that are common here.

IMG_1805 crop red

I took as many pictures as I could as it flitted flower to flower, wings ocassionally pausing for a quick picture. Once it landed in the grass long enough for me to take four pictures as it basked in the sun.

IMG_1813 crop red

I looked up variegated fritillary (Euptoieta claudia) to be sure my indentification was correct. Their caterpillars feed on violets, pansies, passion flower and maypops. This was the first one for me this year. We do get them ocassionally in the spring and fall as they migrate up from the south.

To those bloggers I follow — for some reason, your blogs now come to me in email and I’m unable to click like. So, I am viewing, even though I may not comment.


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  1. You still have butterflies! They are gone here.. I really like #3, beautiful with the colourful flowers as well.


    • We have almost no butterflies now. This is one of the blogs I started while not able to put pictures in a blog. So, I’m putting dates in the upcoming blogs for when the encounter happened.


  2. Posted by my secret love for you on October 23, 2013 at 10:36 am



  3. That’s a beautiful butterfly. I wish I’d see them more often in my yard.


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