Painted Ladies

 IMG_0311 crop red

Painted lady and American painted lady butterflies differ in two ways.

IMG_0315 crop red

Painted ladies have a row of spots underneath on their hindwings,

IMG_2982 crop alt red

where American painted ladies have two large spots.

IMG_2988 crop red arrow

American painted ladies also have a small white spot in the outer orange band of their forewings. This white spot shows on top and bottom of the wings.

(This is the first of seven or eight blogs I have left to post. A glitch in WordPress prevents me from adding pictures, from adding tags and seeing stats.)


2 responses to this post.

  1. Have you tried contacting WordPress? They’re actually pretty good about answering. Come to think of it I had your same problem once and my daughter told me to do all my posting with Google Chrome. She was right-I haven’t had a problem since.


    • I tried contacting WordPress earlier for a problem. Since I have a free site, I couldn’t get any assistance. I have Google, not Google Chrome, and not computer savvy enough to make changes. Will give it some thought. It is so frustating. Thanks for your suggestions.


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