Cicada Killer

IMG_9770 crop red

I knew cicada killers nested in my garden, and also knew they paralyzed cicadas to feed their young.

IMG_9771 crop red

That was basically all I knew about cicadas until camping at my rural property. I sat in camp that evening, facing west.

A cicada killer flew from a tree. Its flight angled downward because of the weight of the cicada it was carrying.

IMG_9772 crop red

It carried/dragged the cicada a considerable distance to the nearest tree that was inline with the location of its nest.

IMG_9773 crop red

It climbed the tree and flew out toward its nest. I lost sight of it this time because of the thick vegetation.

Obviously, watching this made much more of an impression on me than just reading about it in a book would have.


8 responses to this post.

  1. Enjoyed your post! There are a lot of insects that aren’t happy when they see a wasp coming!


  2. Excellent shot..:-)


  3. I’d like to see that myself. I heard plenty of cicadas last summer but never saw any.


  4. It’s often a brutal world out there, isn’t it?


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