An Upside Down World

A heavy rain fell last weekend — a welcome change from all the recent frigid weather? I hoped the rain would continue so I could get pictures of water drops hanging on twigs. It didn’t.

Water drops and ice,  both reflect their surroundings upside down.

These ice pictures were taken in 2008.

367 red

Each “bulge” shows the snow, the brown of the shrub border around our backyard, and the clouds in the blue sky.

040 red

The red on the left is the reflection of our barn.

042 red

These globes show the snow-covered ground with a tree, a pine tree, the shrubby border and on up into the sky.

All this leads to a memory of when I stood in the barrens (a grassy plant community), drawing the inverted grassy landscape in a drop of rain hanging from the tip of a leaf. After I finished, I turned around, started walking, and there, a ways in front of me, was the tail end of a timber rattlesnake sneaking away from me. It disappeared into the little bluestem grass. I agreed to let it have the interior barrens, and I’d explore the one by the road.

My only other rattlesnake memory was considerably more unsettling. I was also hiking at my rural property and was at the edge of a mossy area where a tiny ladies tresses orchid grew. I didn’t see any, so I turned to head back to the truck. I hadn’t gone far when rattlesnake rattled at me! I froze. I looked and looked and couldn’t find it. So I started walking and immediately heard another rattle. I stopped. Still couldn’t find it. So I walked on back to the truck. No more rattling.

A few weeks later, it hit me that my hearing is backwards. I hear from the opposite direction than the sound’s coming from.

I was hearing the rattler from in front of me, when it was actually behind me!

A friend of mine was skeptical of my backwards hearing, until one day when we were on a Christmas bird count. There were 5 of us in my party. They all turned to the right when we heard a crow call. I turned to the left. My friend finally believed I have backwards hearing.

Obviously, the rattlesnake memories still remain vivid after 20 or so years.

My mind went from a drop of water, to drawing, to rattlesnake encounters because of the rain … my mind works in mysterious ways.


10 responses to this post.

  1. That last picture in particular is incredible. MM 🍀


  2. The photos are amazing!


  3. Posted by Therese on February 9, 2014 at 2:54 pm

    It takes such a special soul to see the beauty in even the tiniest bits of nature. You have that soul.


  4. I hope you wear some thick leather, knee high boots! I like the shots of the ice but don’t care much for the ice storms that it takes to get them.


  5. Love your mind, and beautiful ice globes! Nature’s wrath can somehow have a beauty to it too.


    • It sure can! I always want to experience the different weathers … of course now that I’m older, I’m less inclined. My oldest son and I were in a remote swamp way back when and got in a heavy thunder storm. It was the most amazing thing to see the rain “sheeting” through the swamp.


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