Ice and Sleet

Ice severely curtailed my activities. Even walking in the yard was a challenge.

IMG_7616 crop red

Temperatures remained in the teens.

Apparently, enough ice formed in the cup-shaped leaf’, that it then held the weight of additional freezing rain and sleet.

IMG_7619 red

The crystalline designs fascinated me.

IMG_7635 crop red

Ice covered the leaves in the magnolia tree. Then the weight of it bent the trunks of the young tree,

IMG_7636 crop red

resulting in sideways positioned icicles.

IMG_7631 crop red

IMG_7696 red crop

IMG_7705 alt crop red

IMG_7716 crop red

IMG_7720 red

Ice remained on leaves of one side of the magnolia tree and was off on the other side. Many of the leaves without ice had turned brown.

IMG_7727 red

IMG_7748 red

The driveway and short hill down to the highway show little sign of melting.

So, here I stay.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Very interesting icicles, not so good for the plantlife I suppose. Even Buffy must being having it rough not being able to go outside due to the ice. Seen any of your fox through all this cold?


    • The ice’s been off the trees a few days and had some melting in the yard. Temp actually to reach freezing today . 50’s expected next week. I can’t wait. Haven’t seen any wildlife. We’ve had a house move in behind us, and I don’t know how it will change wildlife visiting our yard. My fingers are crossed.


  2. Lovely – nature’s sculptures.


  3. It’s strange the way some of those formed-as if the wind was blowing as they froze. I like ice as long as the power stays on.


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