Amazing!!! Ice

An ice storm we had was one thing; the ice in the creek on Eagle Mountain was completely different … and so enjoyable

and fascinating.

IMG_9143 red

All the pictures in this blog and the one I plan to post Wednesday came from this 25-30 foot section of the creek.

IMG_9154 red

This section was the only part of the creek with a north-facing slope to shade it.

IMG_9138 red

IMG_9141 red

IMG_9144 red

IMG_9145 red

IMG_9147 red

IMG_9149 red

IMG_9139. red

IMG_9157 red

IMG_9161 red

IMG_9165 red

IMG_9175 red

IMG_9178 red

IMG_9185 red

IMG_9186 red

Hope you enjoyed your vicarious hike.

Hope to see you again Wednesday for the rest of our hike.


14 responses to this post.

  1. Beautiful shots but if you’re like us you’re probably ready to start taking pics of spring wildflowers!


  2. Really interesting swirls, what a fun time you and Buffy had!


  3. Ice can be very beautiful, and it reveals all the tiny currents that we can’t see. Great photos!


  4. Great captures of the lovely swirly patterns of the ice.


  5. enjoyed the beautiful pics of the ice formations


  6. Posted by Therese on March 9, 2014 at 9:31 am

    The artistry of Mother Nature is absolutely amazing!


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