More Amazing!!! Ice

Welcome back for the second part of mine and Buffy’s hike on Eagle Mountain.

Areas of the creek were dry where the water dropped underground, and other areas had running water.

IMG_9143 red

 Ice only remained in this shaded 25-30 foot area.

IMG_9154 red

Areas had multi-layered ice, and others had a thin sheet of it.

IMG_9188 red

IMG_9189 red

IMG_9139. red

IMG_9196 red

IMG_9198 red

IMG_9200 red

IMG_9203 red

IMG_9206 red

IMG_9209 red

IMG_9213 red

IMG_9214 red

IMG_9217 red

IMG_9223 red

IMG_9232 red

I hope you enjoyed the second part of your vicarious hike.

IMG_9239 red

I have to give Buffy credit for staying off the ice, so I could capture all this beauty.


Here’s the link to my first ice blog:


12 responses to this post.

  1. Like sand sculptures in the desert…very pretty!


  2. Beautiful ice patterns! And beautiful Buffy 😀


  3. Buffy’s a great companion, Love the icy swirls


  4. Posted by Therese on March 5, 2014 at 3:05 pm

    Cool! (ha ha)… loved the photos. I saw so many things inside the ice…angel, lobster, pelvic area of a skeleton etc. Did I say I loved it?


  5. I love the patterns that you find, and I can hear the sound of that ice breaking in my mind. I used to love riding my bike through it in the spring when I was a kid, just to hear it.


  6. We’re all not missing it now, but what gorgeous patterns you captured then. Amazing!


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