A Fossilized What?

A fossilized what?

IMG_6526 crop alt red

Yes, two fossilized pearls from the Niobrara chalk of western Kansas. My son found them and gave them to me. The small one measures 4 mm diameter and the larger 8 mm.

IMG_6487 alt red

Giant clams lived in the inland sea that divided north America during the age of the dinosaurs. They grew to five feet in diameter.

The small one on the right measures 11 x 9 inches and the piece of a larger one 7 x 15 inches.

IMG_6500 red

Oysters crowded together on the giant clams.

IMG_6496 red

Fossilized clams and oysters are common. Fossilized pearls are rare.


15 responses to this post.

  1. Fascinating!


  2. That’s pretty amazing! I’ve never thought about pearls becoming fossilized.


  3. Posted by Therese on March 15, 2014 at 11:32 pm

    Did I ever tell you I “dig” fossils?


  4. One of my chickens recently hatched 7 chicks but the eighth didn’t make it and the partly opened egg with the chicken curled inside looked exactly like your fossil.


  5. The base it sits on looks like the inside of a fossilized oyster shell so I would guess its a pearl! So cool!


  6. Great finds for your collection! At first glance on first photo, I saw fudge. lol Must be because I’m graving something sweet right now….


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