Saying “Hi.”

IMG_6343 red

I just wanted my followers to know that I was in a wreck. I’m fine except for some nasty bruising  on my lower left leg, and other smaller ones scattered around my person. Nothing is broken. Buffy’s fine, just confused over the whole event. My truck was totaled.

I miss you all and will be back as soon as I can.


15 responses to this post.

  1. Yikes! Wishing you a speedy recovery, but don’t overdo.


  2. That’s too bad. I hope you’ll have a speedy recovery. And I hope you’ll be able to get a new truck!


  3. Ooh! Sorry to hear this. Get better soon.


  4. OMG! Feel better soon, Kathy! And Buffy!


  5. Wow!!! Thank God that you are OK, wishing you a soon recovery ❤


  6. Best wishes for a rapid recovery.


  7. Take care and get well soon Kathy


  8. Oh no! Sorry I missed this, hope you’re Spring is back in your step! 🙂


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