A Thorny Vine

 Ice from a late February storm hadn’t completely melted when Buffy and I headed out for a loop drive through the country. We ended up at Stone Face. I parked at the mouth of the road because of remaining ice.

IMG_0326 red

Moss on the base of a stump caught my attention. It might be velvet tree apron moss. I didn’t give it much attention after spotting the thorns.

IMG_0329 red

Three serious-looking vines grew nearby.

IMG_0331 alt red

The longest thorns were 5/8 inch long, or longer.

IMG_0345 alt red

These vines obviously meant business!

IMG_0348 red

The teeny “spots” looked fuzzy up close.

I’m stumped by these vines.

I’ve never seen them before. Research online produced only one picture of this vine, and didn’t include its name.

IMG_0354 alt red

We couldn’t leave without a short hike along the creek. These sunlit colors immediately caught and held my attention.

IMG_0358 red

The day actually felt like the beginning of spring!


11 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Marcela-Paz on April 3, 2014 at 8:55 am

    Bellisismo!!! Beautiful, I love nature and all its wonders !


  2. The thorny vine could be Bristly Greenbrier, http://michiganflora.net/images.aspx?id=2692. The fuzzy dots are probably something else that happens to be growing on the plant. Lichen or I’ve seen aphids that look similar but probably not this time of the year.


  3. Beautiful photos. I love the last shot of the creek.


  4. Glad you can get out again. I also think the vine is one of the greenbriers (Smilax) but with 26 species in the United States I’m not sure which one.


  5. I’ve never seen a nasty vine like the one in your photos. I can just imagine getting snagged on those spikes. I love the shot of the waterfall over the rocks. So colorful.


  6. Whoa serious thorns indeed! Love your water captures, the close-up is beautiful with the colors and flow.


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