A Crawdad From the Past

IMG_0059 red

In the over thirty years of hiking at my rural property,

IMG_2055 red

I’ve only seen one crawdad there.

Water only runs at this higher elevation during the wet times.

IMG_2058 red

It sure made a “fashion statement” with all those colors.

IMG_2059 red

I wondered where it went during the long dry spells.


We have crawdads in the lower part of our backyard.

I’ve never seen one … except for the feeler of one. We’d had a hard rain that filled the crawdad holes.  I walked around the yard and stopped at a small mound. There, was a feeler at the surface pushing a small piece of plant material back and forth. Obviously, the crawdad was easily amused.

13 responses to this post.

  1. I love discovering new things in the backyard. Excellent photos!


  2. What a neat discovery!


  3. Apparently they’re resilient little creatures!


  4. I haven’t seen one since I was a kid, and then only in a lake when swimming. I wonder what they do when the water dries up.


  5. Wow, look at the colors, cool discovery!


  6. That is a nice one . . . I saw something like that last summer only he was completely dark in color . . . no markings. Poor thing was near the side of the road and it was a dry area. I wondered how he got there


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