Rock Humor

I inherited the gene from my mother that compels me to collect rocks.

IMG_2686 red

There are heart-shaped rocks,

IMG_2654 red

stone people,

IMG_2662  crop alt red

and even prehistoric creatures.

IMG_2664 crp red

Then add petrified wood

IMG_2671 red

and marine fossils.

IMG_2682 red

Who would ever expect to find three stone ice cream cones?

The ice cream cones were found on different outings. They were all in gravel dredged from the Ohio River at Shawneetown Illinois.


10 responses to this post.

  1. Particularly fascinating when you think about when their shapes and designs were formed.


  2. I think rocks are fascinating. You have some interesting ones in your collection.


  3. You sure do find some interesting ones. I had to stop rock collecting. I have boxes of them tucked away all over the place.


    • I think some of the interesting ones find me. I have rock piles around the yard, boxes in the barn, an old camper, not to mention around the house.


  4. Fantastic! You could create a whole story out of these rock creatures. Take photos, add a storyline, publish on Amazon 🙂


  5. Pretty darn cool. You and your treasures rock! 🙂


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