Swinging Caterpillar

IMG_2846  crop red

I realize this picture is far from being a good picture … it is better than the next one.

IMG_2847 red

Take into account the 3/4 inch caterpillar hung from a strand of silk, blowing in the wind. I had to hold my hand behind the swinging caterpillar so the camera had a chance of focusing on the caterpillar.

IMG_2852 red

Caterpillars of the hackberry butterfly feed on leaves of the hackberry tree.

IMG_4523 red

Hackberry butterflies (Asterocampa celtis) visit moist places, tree sap, rotting fruit and even animal droppings.

IMG_4364 red

 They will also land on me for the sweat.

IMG_4370 red

It could also be the caterpillar of the tawny emperor butterfly (Asterocampa clyton). Both have green caterpillars with a slight variation of yellow striping on their back.

IMG_4486 crop red

Both species should begin flying around the first of June.

7 responses to this post.

  1. Ha,ha! I had to laugh because I was just trying to get a shot exactly like this, but it’s pretty gusty out today and I couldn’t focus. You did a good job getting that little green critter.


  2. I haven’t tried to get shots of too many caterpillars but I can imagine it not being easy when the wind is involved. The butterflies are beauties!


  3. It’s not often that I see the end product of all that caterpillar munching. They crawl away to pupate and I miss the photo of the butterfly. Thanks for showing both phases here.


    • Watch puddles, animal droppings, rotting fruit and of course flowers. Our butterfly numbers are real low now and I suspect it’s from the winter we had.


  4. Love the butterflies, but I go crazy nuts when walking under a tree and walk into the swinging caterpillers….or spiders for that matter! lol


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