Toad Corner

 A toad has set up residence near the side door of our house. I occasionally jump when it jumps. Obviously, it does blend in quite well.

IMG_2884 crop red

   American toads usually spend the day in piles of leaves, under rocks and logs, or in loose soil.

IMG_2891 red

   I came around the corner of the house this morning — three hops, and it disappeared in the leaves.

IMG_3012 crop red

 Mating took place almost 2 months ago. So, it might be checking out the neighborhood.

They’re active at dusk, and feed at night on insects and earthworms.

10 responses to this post.

  1. I haven’t seen a toad in a while now, but plenty of frogs.


  2. Sooooo did ya kiss it??? Great shots, I hear plenty of frogs but hav’nt seen any yet this year..:-)


  3. Mine are calling like crazy in the back yard. Haven’t seen any of them yet though.


  4. Used to see toads everywhere when I was a kid in western NY. A rare sight here.


  5. Really like this blog post ! Awesome !


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