Eastern Box Turtles

Chance encounters don’t always provide the ideal conditions for taking pictures.

IMG_3305 crop red

I went down to the barn to get a trowel to plant a Mother’s Day present … and interrupted two box turtles, appearing to have mating on their mind.

The turtles were near the northwest front corner of the barn.

IMG_3308 crop red

 The male was so far unsuccessful in his advances. You can tell the male by his red eyes. Females have brown eyes.

Naturally, I had on a white t-shirt with flowers on the front.  Since I had Buffy too, we backed out and went in the house so I could change. Buffy stayed in the house.

IMG_3309 crop alt red

Only the female remained when I went back out.

The range of eastern box turtle varies from 1/2 to 10 acres (usually less than 2). They’re about 10 years old before they begin breeding. The females don’t need to mate every year because they can store sperm up to four years.

Once while camping, I watched a female lay eggs in a hole she had dug and then methodically cover them up.


Years ago, I was walking along the rugged road to my rural property. Shallow water ran in the ditch. There were two box turtles mating … she was under water; he wasn’t.

You can probably imagine my thoughts on that.




6 responses to this post.

  1. Nice shots. I used to see box turtles quite often, but not for the last few years.


  2. Nice shots. I usually just see painted and snapping turtles here, but we do have box turtles.


  3. Well, that’s not something you see everyday. I wonder why the male took off, usually they’re so persistent!😀


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