Dragonfly Whisperer?

Almost all the dragonflies I’ve see this spring were the ones that insisted on flying all the time.

IMG_3544 red

Then this morning, there hung a dragonfly in a honeysuckle tangle in our backyard. I started taking pictures, moving closer with each one. It did not move. I thought it might be dead, especially with me getting so close.

IMG_3547 red

My to-be last picture was too close, and it left before I could take the picture.

It made me wonder if I might (for this short time) be a dragonfly whisperer. They usually aren’t tolerant of people

I’m not positive, but I think it was a female prince baskettail dragonfly (Epitheca princeps). The males have blue eyes. They measure 5-8cm.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Every now and then a bird or animal or insect will act like it wants to have its picture taken. It takes me by surprise each time because I’m so used to them flying or running away. The other day I was taking a close up shot of a flower and a bee walked down a branch and sat right in front of the lens. How could I say no?


  2. Beautiful shots. In my experience, dragonflies are really unpredictable. I’ve had some let me get within inches of them and others of the same species that take to the air as soon as I approach. It’s best to hope and be prepared–you never quite know how they will react, which is one of the reasons why photographing wildlife is so exciting (and occasionally frustrating).


  3. Sometimes you can get closer when they are brand new — still drying their wings or whatever brand new dragonflies do. That’s the way I finally got a shot of a green darner once.


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