Wild Cherry Mystery

IMG_8202 crop red

My experience with wild cherry trees mainly centers around the caterpillars of the red spotted purple butterfly. They don’t eat enough of the leaves to make their existence overly obvious.

IMG_9992 crop alt red

 Tent caterpillars eat emerging leaves; there’s no remnants of any web.

IMG_3594 red

So, what ate leaves and green berries in a wild cherry tree  growing in the shrub border on the south side of our yard?

IMG_3604 red

Wonder if it could be deer? They do go through the yard during the night.  I wouldn’t think they’d “pick” each green cherry off.


I’m open to any suggestions to this mystery.

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  1. I can’t think of any animal or bird that would eat both fruit and leaves. Everything from foxes to opossums to rabbits eat the fruit but I don’t know if they’d touch the leaves.


    • I just went out to check the tree again. Berries have been eaten all the way to the top (up to 20 feet roughly). Berries are gone that high up and leaves too. Not as many leaves that high. The tree’s not in a good place to sit and watch it.


      • It wouldn’t be a fox or rabbit then. Maybe a raccoon, but I don’t think they’d eat the leaves either. And I doubt a bird would, so it must be some kind of very hungry insects. Tent caterpillars maybe?

      • There’s no webs. I did find an egg mass that hadn’t hatched out. The stems with the berries are so thin they wouldn’t support hardly any weight.

  2. Sounds like hungry deer..:-)


    • Would have to be one REALLY tall deer. I checked yesterday and the berries have been eaten to the top of the tree.


      • Well then, thats odd. If the leaves were not missing I would say a flock of Cedar Waxwings or Blue Jays. I watched a flock of Waxwings strip my folks berry tree in about an hour..

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